Origami tessellations

I have recently returned to designing and folding origami tessellations.... I am particularly interested in sequences of tessellation folds. The starting point might be a variation on the tradtional square twist tato purse type fold, or the traditional origami pinwheel, which were developed by Fujimoto into tessellations. Then I like to find a way to build up to an infinite sequence of folds.

Origami wrapping paper bow sequnece (February 2019)

origamibow1 origamibow2 origamibow3 origamibow4 origamibow4

Origami square on cross sequence (March 2019)

Each sheet folded from 15cm square origami tant paper. This sequence can be continued, as explained in the description of the crease pattern. click on image for crease pattern/description
squares on crosses origami squares on crosses origami

Origami Herring bone developments (April 2019)

This was inspired by attending the BOS convention, April 2019. This is not so much a sequence, more origami's on a related theme. The first was something I brought to show, and the rest constructed afterwards. Click on the last image for a pdf file of instructions and explanation.

origamiherringbone1 origamiherringbone1 origamiherringbone2 origamiherringbone3 origamiherringbone4 origamiherringbone4


Old work

You can find my old pages on the make origami pages.