Truchet tiling [GA2021 H Verrill page 2/15]

A Truchet tiling is a tiling made of the same square tile repeated over and over in a square grid with different orientations. See Wikipedia article. There are very many Truchet pages on the web.
Here is an example made from the tile below left. The sequence of tiles 0-12 shows a sequence of explorations leading up to the fractal construction explained later. I discussed these in my talk at GA2021.
Click the "change tile" button to decrease the tile number, and click the tile on the left to increase the tile number.
This program is written in JavaScript and Webgl, and has only been tested on Chrome on a MacBook.

Tile number and description: 0, as in Truchet's original investigation
change number of tiles in tiling=
Pattern -3... options: path width: path position: dot position:

Click or on the tiling to change the orientations of the tiles in the tiling. This alternates between being random or else repeating the first 2x2 block.
Click here to change the tile image in option 2 to your own file:
Click here for more examples of Truchet tilings.
My goal for this talk is to understand the relationship between the different scaled Smith/Truchet quarter circle tilings.