Trouchet Fractals

[GA2021 H Verrill page 13/15]

Helena Verrill

Investigation of a hinged tiling effect on Truchet tiling fractals... big version. See here for small version. may put up more Webgl for better explanation at some point. Lots of control dots, which you can move around the screen with the mouse, and sliders and buttons and so on for different effects.
WARNING: can be very slow to load. You can turn off the reaction diffusion altogther for faster functioning. Initial canvas size depends on your window size, so reduce for potentially faster load time. Resizing once running doesn't work very well. Exact functioning is browser/computer dependent. Some images I have from screen shots or video capture from running this are here, but you might not get exactly the same results.

download image (png)

relative mouse coords

Choose binary position on tree:

speed = 0
radii balance = 0.5

N = 4
initial number of rows/cols of squares = 4
brightness = 1
shade1 = 64
shade2 = 1
mod multiplier for shade type 1 = 1
angle in bend 0
Screen size: 512 Currently I have screen size initialise as largest power of two that will fit in browser when it opens, so for smaller size on start up, you could resize your browser window and restart. )

Notes on controls

Notes on programs

In progress! Needs work. Long to do list.

Email me any comments/suggestions etc hverrill gmail dot com. Or find me on instagram, havcircles or havtofold
The reaction diffusion part of this started from Robin Houston’s Block ed597847175cf692ecce. I also use some set up Webgl files library files from Webgl fundamentals.
Mouse controls some parameters.

I have used the Gray Scott model for the reaction diffusion, which I have copied from Robin Houston, as mentioned above. I don't know a great deal about reaction diffusion. There are lots of good pages, e.g.,