png controls: dots: variation: Operation sequence:

This is a minimal version of a program to compute the Heighway dragon curves and variations. I have a program with more detailed tiles here, but it is rather slow. A similar program for terdragons is here.
This was written on a mac, and works in Chrome. It might not work on other devices.
There is a variation radio button; this is to choose versions with a mostly a little bit of error introduced, just to see what happens. Variation 0 is the actual Heighway dragon and its variations. Variation 6 is just a different colour scheme. Variation 7 is for just showing the boundary of the Heighway dragon curves and variations.
White dot, slide, or text box controls operation sequence. Yellow dot controls random colour choice. Blue dot controls some error in some variations. Little black dots show start and end of the boundary path of the curve.