colour style:
This is based on the definition right at the top of the page on Riccardo W. Maffucci gave a talk at the Warwick Number theory seminar first week of term, October 3rd 2023. Maffucci's results are about probabilities and distributions, and so a single choice of values of the variables in the equation doesn't really have any meaning, or at least probably not much relevance with respect to the original problem. I also only take the simple case where the function p(x) is the sum of the squares of the components. Also only take dimension 2.
Colour style 0: just the value of F(p)
Colour style 1: rainbow scale function of F(p)
Colour style 2-5: various functions of F(p)
Colour style 6: Slightly closer to showing zeros of F(p)
Up to colour style 6, I'm only checking for the real part to be zero. I think we want real and imaginary parts to be zero? So for style 7, we look at both of these.
My random coefficients are not really random, so maybe my patterns are not of the required kind. The coefficients depend on the mouse coordinate. If the screen is black, it means there are no lattice points on the circle of radius n.