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Noisy tree with RD

In progress! Needs work. There are simpler versions here and here. If you move the red and yellow dots in the later, the path on the tree changes accordingly.
The reaction diffusion part of this started from Robin Houston’s Block ed597847175cf692ecce. I also use some set up Webgl files library files from Webgl fundamentals.
Mouse controls some parameters. move mouse to change the background reaction diffusion effect. Better effects with mouse near top of screen.
Currently this is only the noisy version of the tree. Will update at some point.
Currently there are two not 100% compatible ways the screen size is handeled, which means this does not have a consistant effect and appearance depending on screen size. Also I have only tested this on safari/chrome on a mac, it might not work on other browsers, and also control is only done via mouse, so won't respond to touch.
This is a noisy corruption of an illustration of tree traversal.
This may be rather slow currently.
warning: need to restart program on resize canvas.