interactive and noninterative animations/puzzles/games/art!

Spring 2024: I have created some more hinged tiling fractal space filling curves; writing this up somewhere... link to follow at some point. Code could be improved; some of these are slow to load. Might not work on devices other than chrome on mac.

October 2023: I have no time! Too busy to post things over the last year. I decided I would make an effort to post some shorter sketches, even if they are not fully developed. I put a youtube video up to explain the metrics example for my students.

December 2022:

Autumn 2022:

Spring 2022: I have been helping teach Algebra 2, second year algebra course on groups and rings. So I made a little puzzle. If I ever have time I may make more of these.

Winter 2021/ January 2022: Conways game of life inspired pictures and still life drawing. There are two different generative art projects here; one is to use a variation of Conway's game of life to generate pictures with a resemblence to Life, but with continuous variation. I wrote about this in the "life, about", link below, which is supposed to be an elementary description of a basic 2D shader. Because the version with lots of different versions takes too much GPU for a mobile, I put up a second version with just a few options. I only test these on either Chrome on a macbook pro, or on a mobile with Chrome on andriod, so they may look bad on other devices. I used the underlying method for generating still life pictures, using the addition of a mask.
As with pretty much all my shaders, these could all do with more work, so are classified as in progress! You have to manulally alter parameters to get the still life to terminate (third program). The first program could be rewritten to use less GPU.

Autumn 2021: An investigation of Chomp, in progress.

Summer/Autumn 2021, some works in progress. In Webgl.

A few more of the Webgl things I've done in 2020/2021. I have posted screen shots and videos of many others to instagram @havcircles

The following was written in Spring 2021, when thinking about teaching tutorial on Warwick Univerity first year Geometry and Motion course.

The following was written in Autumn 2020 / Spring 2021, together with Imogen Breeze. This includes work on the complex plane, fundamental domains and Farey symbols

The following rows are a few of the p5.js works I wrote in Spring/Summer 2020, before switching to Webgl. This is art work inspired by hyperbolic tilings. These are not interactive. Some are supposed to illustrate some properties of hyperbolic space, and some are just pretty. On the page, click on the image to download a screenshot.

Here are another few p5.js things. A couple of webgl at the end. Some of these come out upsidedown on Chrome vs how they appear on safari... on my mac book. Don't know why. So these may appear upsidedown, depending on your browser.

The following were written in 2019 / early 2020. These are mostly SVG things. I have been writing other interactive animations since Spring 2020, but putting videos of them on my instagram page @havcircles instead of here. The first row is not really circles... in fact I am diverging away from just circles.